Stay. Here. For. A. While.

We could stay here for a while

Till we wanna go back home

‘cause it’s cold’, I know

Though I’m not cold


You’ll spend the time reading

I’ll write some things and stare at you

while you don’t see me

But you’ll notice anyway


I don’t care

We’re next to the sea

Everything feels so different


Beyond the sea

A little piece of another life from beyond the sea

Came to shake my own life by this side

Then it returned to join its totality

Though a piece of myself disappeared with it


I stare now at the boats dividing the tide

Waiting to hear a song already forgotten

Waiting for a poem to be sung so my ears redeem

Though its lines have not been written yet


So much fog I can’t even see where I’m stepping

Dirty, humid, foggy fog that bothers sailors

Don’t distract me this time, I begged

Mermaids calling me from the depths, I’m certainly gone