Tell your lover you’re not afraid

Tell your lover you’re not afraid
of kissing her on the lips
when you’re both left alone.
Why wouldn’t you walk
hand in hand with her
as anyone could do?
What they say on the streets,
girl, that’s not true. For honesty
an insult can never be.
If your parents saw you!
What should they think?!
Walking with another girl!
So happily!


Anuncio publicitario

The palm trees

Under the palm trees
I sit
Just be there
as I could be anywhere else

But it’s different
It’s the heat, the mosquitos
the humidity

and the swaying green leaves
hanging over my head
half dancing a lullaby
half threatening me

Not sure how I ended up here
perhaps I’m not even supposed to…

But why all this beauty then?
What was it meant for?
The answer seems so evident now:
To. Be. Admired.
By me? I don’t know
But in this mood
even the mosquitos I revere

Beyond the sea

A little piece of another life from beyond the sea
Came to shake my own life by this side
Then it returned to join its totality
Though a piece of myself disappeared with it

I stare now at the boats dividing the tide
Waiting to hear a song already forgotten
Waiting for a poem to be sung so my ears redeem
Though its lines have not been written yet

So much fog I can’t even see where I’m stepping
Dirty, humid, foggy fog that bothers sailors
Don’t distract me this time, I begged
Mermaids calling me from the depths, I’m certainly gone


Take me to

Take me back to some place
where our soul was young
regardless of the body
to keep on walking
hoping to reach somewhere

Take me back to some time
when our smiles were broad
and our gentle eyes
were willing to observe
every inch of the world

Take me forth to a better place
where no worries there are
no poverty nor unhappiness
so that my soul can evolve
to the subtlest state (of mind)

Oh take me forth to a time
when people work for pleasure,
just for the sake of realization,
and when fog doesn’t intend
to blind the eyes of humanity

Or leave me here
and I’ll patiently wait
for something to redeem me
or someone to share my despair
‘cause the one thing I can’t do
is foresee my destiny